Madalena (2021)

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The body of Madalena, a trans woman, is lying in a field of soy, one of the many plantations surrounding a small town in western Brazil. In a poor neighborhood on the edge of the soy fields, we find Luziane, who spends her time helping her mother sew clothes and trying to make some extra cash as a hostess at a club. Without much to look forward to, she’s taking life one day at a time. In a gated community on the other side of town, Cristiano, under pressure from his family, tries to prove that he can take care of his father’s soy plantation, which looks in danger of succumbing to an infestation. In a far-off corner of the forest, Bianca and friends are having a picnic by a creek. They process their grief for Madalena as best they can. At first glance, Luziane, Cristiano, and Bianca have nothing in common. Though they don’t know one another, Madalena’s spirit, hanging over the town, forms a bond between them.

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Genre: Drama


Duration: 85

Quality: HD